Who are we?

Quantisport is a specialist company that uses the latest advances in machine learning algorithms such as neural networks, tools such as R, Java and web scraping bots to bring you highly accurate handicap ratings for all UK and Irish horse races.

After years of quantitative analysis we have developed models using our own proprietary machine learning algorithms to support the intelligent analysis of vast amounts of data.

The beauty of our model is it removes the emotion from betting, we don’t need to use our own judgement which can be subject to bias. The mathematical process will cut through all the noise, making it supremely consistent.

Our model works to find small edges in the market where the odds have been mis-priced, and using the basic laws of large numbers in mathematics, this generates profits in the long term.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a sub-set of artificial intelligence that makes predictions or decisions based on the intelligent analysis of large historical data sets.

Over time, as it is fed more data, it can improve its understanding of the data and ‘learn’.

In basic terms, a machine learning algorithm is given a ‘teaching set’ of data, then asked to use that data to answer a question. For example, you might provide a computer a teaching set of images, some of which say, “this is a cat” and some of which say, “this is not a cat”. Then you could show the computer a series of new images and it would begin to identify which ones feature cats.

Machine learning then continues to add to its teaching set. Every image that it identifies – correctly or incorrectly – gets added to the teaching set, and the program effectively gets ‘smarter’ and better at completing its task over time. It is, in effect, learning.

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