Horse racing

Quantisport uses its own proprietary algorithms to create a prediction for every horse in every race.

We take in large volumes of data in real time, this data is fed directly into our models to bring you real time betting signals and highly accurate ratings.

The model uses many different features about the race to calculate the most likely winner. We don’t rely on ‘insider knowledge’ to generate our ratings. Instead we’ve spent thousands of hours building and refining our models to bring the most accurate ratings possible. We use the latest in cloud technology to ensure our models are running 24 hours a day, without interruption.


You only make a profit if you can find value, our live signals shows you exactly what value there is and also the minimum odds you need to achieve.


A file of all the calculated probabilities is also available so you can use the ratings and signals alongside your own systems, whether you are a trader or sports better, the information available will help you find the edge you need in the market to make a long term return.





We calculate ratings for every horse race across the country

Our ratings are available at 8.30 and 11.30am each day and use the current market price to assess value, you also get a downloadable file of all our ‘fair’ prices.

Betting signals are generated in real time

From 30 minutes before each race our signals will scan the markets, taking in large volumes of live data to update the predictions and find value bets right up to 1 minute before the off.

Odds movements are shown with each race

The first price is generated at 8am on the day, then at regular intervals right up the the race start. This allows you to keep an eye on any horse that may be drifting in price.


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